Please note all meeting times are in GMT+8 (e.g. Taipei, Hong Kong, Beijing)

August 21 (Saturday)

3pm-4:30pm (GMT+8): Opening Plenary 1

Varieties of East Asia Capitalism, Varieties of Labour Regimes

Yubin Chiu (Moderator)
Dae-Oup Chang “Uneven Development and Transnational Labour Regimes in East Asia”
Kevin Gray “Labour in East Asia’s Passive Revolution”

8pm-9:30pm (GMT+8): Opening Plenary 2

Globalising East Asian Capitalism

Chris Chan (Moderator)
Phil Neel “Beneath the Belt and Road: Chinese Investment in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Lee Chun Wing “Class and Social Cleavages in Contemporary Hong Kong”
Sean Starrs “Global Capitalism is Still US-Centered: There Can Be No ‘Chinese Capitalism”

10pm-11:30pm (GMT+8)

Writing Asia’s Capitalism

Kevin Lin (Moderator)
Andy Liu “Reading Marx’s Capital in Asia”
Hyun Ok Park “Capitalism and its Temporalities in Asia”

August 22 (Sunday)

3pm-4:30pm (GMT+8)

Radical Inquiry on Platform Labour

Yubin Chiu (Moderator)
Jamie Woodcock “Workers inquiry and platform work: understanding the dynamics of struggles in the gig economy”
Chen Shu-Lun “Unionising Delivery Workers in Taiwan”
Jack Linchuan Qiu “Marxist Humanism and Recent Dynamics in Capital (Im)mobilities: Food Delivery Platform Labour in Asia”

8pm-9:30pm (GMT+8)

Crisis of Social Reproduction

Stephanie Wang (Moderator)
Sohoon Yi “Entangled Invisibilities: Migrants Women in Production in South Korea”
Tithi Bhattacharya “Social Reproduction Theory”
Elizabeth Tang “Domestic Workers in Asia”

10pm-11:30pm (GMT+8)

Energy and Ecology for the Majority

Kevin Lin (Moderator)
Matt Huber “Notes on Proletarian Ecology”
Jia Ching Chen “The Political Economy of Renewable Energy and Low Carbon Value”
Ying Jia Tan “Hauntings from China’s Past Energy Transitions”

August 28 (Saturday)

1pm-2:30pm (GMT+8)

Keynote: Global Production, Asian Workers

Yubin Chiu (Moderator)
Hong-Zen Wang “Under Global Production Pressure: Taiwanese Capital and Vietnamese Labour”

3pm-4:30pm (GMT+8)

Meet the HM Editors: What is the Role of a Marxist Journal Today?

Sai Englert, Alex de Jong & Panagiotis Sotiris (Historical Materialism Editorial Board)

8pm-9:30pm (GMT+8)

Radical Histories, Radical Theories

Rebecca Karl (Moderator)
Gavin Walker “Securing the Base: Asia’s Marx”
Gregor Benton “The Short Troubled Life of the Chinese Left (Trotskyist) Opposition”

10pm-11:30pm (GMT+8)

Transnational East Asian Workers

Yvan Ysmael Yonaha (Moderator)
Ken Kawashima “On Capitalist Crisis and ‘Colonihilism’: the case of Korean workers in interwar Japan”
Kaxton Siu “Chinese and Vietnamese Workers in Japan”

August 29 (Sunday)

3pm-5pm (GMT+8)

Closing Plenary 1 : Workers and Unions in East Asia

Chiu Yubin (Moderator)
Nina Lau “Law and Capital Mobilities in Asia”
Mikyung Ryu “Trade Union Movement in South Korean”
Han Shih-Hsien “Taiwan’s Independent Trade Union Movement”
Chie Matsumoto “Organising for Gender Equality in Japan”

8pm-10pm (GMT+8)

Closing Plenary 2: Past and Present of Chinese Labour

Kevin Lin (Moderator)
Elaine Hui “The Organic Intellectuals of Chinese Working Class”
Fuk Ying Tse “A Path Forward? Collective Bargaining in China”
Eli Friedman “Reaction and Continuity: Labor Politics in China’s New Normal”
Julie Chen “When Informality Meets Digital Platforms”